Meet Dr. Jeff Flores

Dr. Jeff Flores has created his vision in Rancho Dental Studio after a decade & a half in the dental field. Since his introduction to dentistry in 1998, he has logged thousands of volunteer hours which eventually led him to his Dental degree from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2008. He expanded & focused his Dental training following his graduation by entering an intense Hospital Dental residency at Rancho Los Amigos where he worked with the developmentally disabled & spinal trauma patients of Los Angeles.

Dr. Jeff FloresStarting in 2009, Dr. Flores was the Lead dentist on the Smile Mobile with Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County, further expanding his background to include the Children of Southern California. This opportunity led to his appointment as a staff hospital dentist at St. Judes in Fullerton. With the expansion of his interests & knowledge in dentistry, Dr. Flores transitioned into the private practice world to solidify a foundation in practice creation & dental esthetics. His drive & passion did not occur, however, spontaneously. He was encouraged from a young age to pursue athletics which pushed him beyond limits of his body & mind to lead him to a professional Snowboarding career.

For eleven years Dr. Flores competed professionally with a major highlight of becoming the USASA Southern Series Champion leading him to become the USASA National Champion in the Slalom event during the Mt. Snow National Championships in Vermont in 1996. His travels on the international Snowboard Circuit took him all over the world starting from the United States to the far reaches of Japan & the many snowcapped peaks in between. Competing in the United States Gran Prix events, Dr. Flores was an Olympic hopeful in Giant Slalom until the strong desire to become a dentist overcame his desire for that Olympic Gold. Shortly after his Athletic retirement in 1999, the fire to restart his education was lit & this led him to UCSD where he obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology.

With a continuous passion for dentistry, Dr. Flores works hard daily to give back for all the opportunities he was afforded in his life. These opportunities being the extensive travel as a competitive athlete where he became close with the diverse cultural populations of the world. These experiences gave Dr. Flores the insight to deliver the best care possible for all patients regardless of background or health.

Dr. Flores currently lives in Rancho Mission Viejo with his wife & 3 daughters & has many interests & pursuits stemming from his years of travel. These include trail running, mountain biking, kiteboarding & the joys of frequent family outings. Dr. Flores’ true love is his family & shares extreme joy with his wife that comes from the daily discoveries of their happy family.

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