Fotona TouchWhite

in mission viejo, ca

Brighten  Your  Smiles  4+6  Shades in a half hour without Sensitivity!

Introducing the Fotona Touchwhite system , the most advanced in-office whitening system available, with the power from our Fotona Lightwalker laser, we have chosen the best best natural whitening system, Rockstar White. Coupling these two power houses of technology, you can achieve results that are difficult with other systems that use LED, harsh chemicals and end up causing you to feel that you will never whiten again because of the sensitivity. By using focused infrared laser technology, we are able to speed up the results to one visit, that would normally take several visits and more money out of your pocket to maintain the hard fought results. The lightwalker focuses the bleaching activity to your front tooth surfaces giving you amazing long lasting result. With other less expensive systems the entire tooth is over exposed to chemical and heat and lead to.......ouch! 

A New Long Lasting Whitening Experience

  • Using our Fotona Lightwalker Laser, YOU have chosen to speed up and maximize Whitening results for up to a year and half!
  • Whitens 4-6 Shades in only 30 minutes 
  • Zero Tooth Sensitivity
  • Can be Easily scheduled after a free consultation for new existing patients!

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