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Smoothlase is a giant leap forward in facial rejuvenation. Accomplished via Fotona Laser's LightWalker ATS twin laser. Smoothlase specifically targets the deep structural skin tissues containing your collagen all done by non-invasive laser therapy inside your mouth!

Over time, the collagen in our connective skin tissue undergoes lengthening, leading to the dropping and sagging features of our faces. which all of us, even though we may not admit it, aren't big fans of. So why not try to retain that youthful look for women and men alike without having to go under general anesthesia and undergo invasive surgical procedures that are not an overnight recovery and in some cases cause the patient to have close calls with opiates. Many of the traditional surgical procedures force patients into a period of "vacation" in order for their tissues to recover enough and hide the appearance that any surgery happened at all. With Smooth, lip and neck lase, you are back to work the next day meanwhile under skin, your collagen is being re-energized and secretly working to make you appear youthful without sutures, scalpels or any anesthesia. All through the Amazing ability given to me by the Fotona Lightwalker Twin light laser. 

We are proud to be able to offer this dental treatment that works from the inside out and gives our patients an alternative and effective option to the invasive surgeries that are not reversible. 

Our Smoothlase, Liplase and Necklase procedures all target our relaxing collagen facial tissues and re-energizes them back to a younger state to support our new faces. 

Proven results can lead to a reduction in under-eye dark circles, lax chin tissue, loss of lip area due to rolling back into your mouth. All this can be achieved through a series of treatments inside your mouth!

Re-energizing the cells in your connective tissue addresses all of these aging issues and can actually also be preventive for our younger adults as well. Our Preventive Lase procedures can actually allow your youthful appearance to stick around longer and essentially reverse the time and environmental damage as you move forward into adulthood. It has been proven that early intervention into our skin and connective tissue care can allow us to age gracefully to keep our youthful features longer. 

All this is achieved through the Power of Laser Light which is all natural and a definite better alternative than placing foreign liquids and fillers into our bodies which can sometimes have very unexpected results. Botox and Fillers can unnaturally fill sagging spaces causing more space after they wear off. This always leads to the need for further expensive treatments and creates more saggy and loose tissue.

Smoothlase keeps you tight all through the power of Light!

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